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Different Types of Desks at Buro

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Different Types of Desks at Buro

If you have watched the movie, Dear Zindagi, you know how important choosing the right chair is. For the unversed, one of the scenes in the movie talks about choosing the right chair that fits your need. Do you want it to be soft or stiff? How do you like the handles? The choices are many. We’re here to make that choice easy for you. At Buro, we offer you different types of desks at our multiple coworking spaces, each suited to meet your personal needs. Let’s break it down for you:

  • Flexi Desk: Flexible desks will make you feel like you’re doing yoga, minus the hard work and physical exertion. Only instead of your body, it will keep your mind healthy. This is because Flexi desks will allow you to network at your best. You will have the option of meeting and collaborating with different people every day as you try new spots every time you visit. If this sounds like something you can do, opt for this option and carpe diem!
  • Fixed Desk: If you’re taking cues from Sheldon Cooper and like a particular spot, you can reserve it! Make co-working your own by adding a personal touch to your spot. Fixed desks will let you be yourself but still allow you to network as you sit in a shared space. If there’s comfort in familiarity for you, then this is surely something that you can get used to.
  • Premium Desk: Work clutter-free… or not! You choose. If space is what you need, space is what you’ll get. Premium desks will give you extra desk-space as well as cabinets to store necessary files and documents (or anything else you might want). You can also stretch your feet without having to really get up with all the extra legroom you’ll get. Sounds good? That’s because it is!
  • Team Cabin: The team that works together, stays together. Take your team of three and sit together as you work through the day. Sit in close proximity, but get the personal space you need for working comfortably.
  • Private Cabin: These cabins are the extended version of fixed desks. They too, let you be yourself, but in private. If you’re somebody who comes with a strict privacy policy, this option is for you. Whether you need to host meetings, work away from the prying eyes, or want your work to remain confidential, this option is for you.

Which desk do you think is the right choice for you? The options are many, but you don’t have to choose wisely. At Buro, our plans are extremely flexible, so in case you want to upgrade or downgrade, the choice is completely yours. Visit us today!

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