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How Coworking Helps Build Better Community?

Coworking Community

How Coworking Helps Build Better Community?

Ever since Covid-19 took the world by storm, many small businesses have suffered at its hands. Is your business one of them too? Are you also barely struggling to stay afloat? Or are you someone who has finally found their feet, and now are looking for some stability? Coworking spaces to the rescue! By providing benefits like reduced capital, tax advantages, and increased focus, it has won all our hearts. But is that all it offers?

With its idea of shared spacing, co-working has provided us with mentoring sessions, networking opportunities, and spaces for recreational activities that in turn give birth to small-scale communities. But what exactly is a community, you ask? Well, imagine you are at a concert. There are a number of people with a number of different characteristics present, dancing together to one tune. That is exactly what being in a community feels like.

When a group of people come together geographically through their shared ideas and agendas, a community is formed. The difference between working from home and co-working is that the latter allows you to create a sense of structure and discipline that you wouldn’t have otherwise. This is exactly the kind of environment that helps foster a community.

There are many other reasons why co-working in shared spaces can help build a better community. Some of them include:

1. Connections, connections, connections: Building connections, interacting with professionals from various sectors and learning from them gives your career as well as your confidence a much-needed boost. And where else will you find all the necessary resources like dedicated meeting rooms, coffee zones, and professional spaces but at an efficiently designed co-working space?

2. Interaction and collaboration: Be it events or recreational breaks, the biggest benefit of shared working spaces is that it allows you to interact with people without the pressure of having to socialize. It promotes conversation and creativity, and you can be your own person in doing so. (Fellow freelancers and introverts, we know it sounds too good to be true.)

3. Like-mindedness meets diversity: Coworking allows you to interact with people from a lot of different counterparts and backgrounds, sometimes even needing you to rely on them to get your work done. Picture this: A group of diverse people meet up, tied together by their sense of work ethic, and build an environment of warmth and welcome. Feels good, doesn’t it?

4. Fosters growth: It is no surprise that individuals tend to work better in coworking spaces because of the flexibility it offers to them. But with the inflow of shared ideas between people, the growth that happens in shared spaces is also collective. This is because of a sense of interdependency that the people have amongst each other.

We’re convinced, but if you want more proof, why not try and visit our nearest shared office space? From community sessions to webinars and periodic events, we enrich a harmonious environment to work in. Visit any one of our three prime locations and check for yourself the inclusivity we brew.

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