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How is Coworking Better Than a Rented Office?

How Coworking is Different Than Rented Office

How is Coworking Better Than a Rented Office?

Are you a budding company or a freelancer looking to create your own place in the corporate world?  Or are you someone who is confused and overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities that are lying in front of them? Let’s narrow it down for you!

For starters, you can either rent an office or get a membership in any co-working space. Now, it is no surprise that co-working spaces offer a large number of benefits as compared to rented offices, especially if you are a start-up. But how is that?

  • Money matters: Rented offices tend to burn a hole in your pockets. Most of your profit is spent on paying off the rent and resources that you have bought for the office. Co-working spaces are a convenient solution, as they offer you a space package within a set membership fee. The perks don’t end here. From getting tax benefits to having recreational rooms at your convenience, you get gaming and coffee rooms to use at your leisure.
  • Higher productivity: Shared spaces have a way of increasing productivity by creating an environment of trust, and give and take between small teams. We know you don’t want to look at the same set of boring walls every day. This is why we have vibrant designs in our offices to keep the teams motivated and focused. In contrast, rented offices tend to get monotonous with time.
  • Get Set Go! Shared spaces can give you a head-start as you begin to work. Since they are fully furnished and ready to move-in, it becomes one less thing to worry about in your venture. These spaces also come with an array of professional resources including stationery items, reception desks, and other specially curated items, which are cost-inclusive in your membership.
  • Networking opportunities: The biggest benefit that co-working offers is that it allows you to network and collaborate with other people, allowing you to work with people that you normally wouldn’t have met otherwise. Rented offices are limited both in terms of opportunity as well as resources.

We know that shared spaces are not without their challenges. Coworking spaces tend to get crowded, and often lack private rooms for confidential meetings, and renting them separately can turn out to be quite costly. But Buro, being as customer-oriented as it can be, has found solutions for it all!

Our shared working spaces are extremely flexible as well as cost-effective. From fixed tables to premium desks for privacy to private cabins and meeting rooms for professional setups, we cater to every need you might have. Buro is not just a co-working space, it is a community that fosters growth. Come, be a part of it, if you aren’t already.

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